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Inner Goddess Yoga

I love creating yoga practices with women in mind so I have decided to offer ‘Inner Goddess Yoga - Connecting to your inner goddess.’

Each week the classes will be slightly different with a different focus, perhaps working with mudra flows, building strength, boosting immunity, connecting to the unlimited ocean of love in the heart space and / or the boundless creativity held in the womb space. Perhaps focusing on practices with a particular goddess in mind, connecting to certain qualities that we all hold within.

Whatever the class bhava or inner feeling is it will be grounded in the feminine.

The original yogini Parvati, the mountain goddess, practiced yoga instinctively, moving her body and breathing how she instinctively felt she needed to move and breath each day. It wasn’t until Siva decided to practice yoga it became structured and controlled. Yoga became more rooted in the masculine rather than the feminine for so many. We can start to find our own power and freedom as women the more we begin to practice like Parvati, instinctively and with love.

I always offer options in my classes and encourage students to listen to their own inner wisdom, making decisions and practicing how feels instinctively right for them. We are all unique and every day is different, the same practice can look and feel quite different from one day to the next. Honour your own body, your mind, your journey and where you are, connecting in and listen to your own hearts guidance.

Click here to book now or find out more.

Much Love,

Laura x

Below is an extract from ‘Yoni Shakti - A woman’s guide to power and freedom through yoga and tantra.’ Uma Dinsmore-Tuli PHD

“Parvati and Siva

Parvati was Siva’s wife and she was very beautiful. She just enjoyed her life and she had a lovely home to live in. She had a bath made from a shell in which she would bathe herself and rub sandlewood paste on her body and she would stretch out in the morning in the sunshine, and would feel her body. It was so delicious that she would twist this way, and twist a little that way, and then maybe she would lean back over a rock or a sofa and breathe. She just felt good doing this.

Sometimes Siva, who was madly in love with her, would creep up behind a pillar and watch her. He would peek secretly, because this was her private time. He loved to see her enjoying herself so much. Then suddenly his mind started ticking, and he said to himself ‘well, maybe I can do this too?’ So he watched her very carefully and then went out into the jungle and tried to do some of the things he had seen her doing so beautifully in the early morning light.

Being Siva, and being male of course, he began to perfect these movements and these positions. He organised them and he codified them and he practiced very hard to get them all right. When some of his devotees heard about this, they said ‘Lord, please will you teach us?’ So Siva thought about this then he spoke. ‘Very well, all of you, line up. One, Two, Three, Four! And now you have got to jump! Three feet apart, left foot in, right foot out! Stretch your arms! More, more, more! Bang, crash! And he trained them.

After some time he said ‘Mmm. OK, I’m going to give some of you certificates.’ He handed out these certificates and then sent them off into the world to open up Asrams and yoga centres, and yes, we know the rest of the story!

But what about Parvati? Oh, she’s still at home, enjoying the beautiful sunshine, taking her bath, rubbing herself with sandlewood paste, doing a twist here and a backbend there and just feeling so delicious! One morning she might just wake up and say to herself, ‘Well I don’t know what’s going on in the yoga world out there, maybe I should come out and show them where it all comes from?’ “

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