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Loneliness - This weeks theme for mental health week

Loneliness is a feeling that’s relatable to most people and after the last couple

of years with the stress, anxiety and uncertainty created by the pandemic it’s a feeling that has most definitely been amplified. Collectively and individually we have experienced isolation, being separated from loved ones and for some people there has been a lack of access to other services which has then had a massive knock on effect.

Loneliness can be experienced in many different situations and it’s not only when you are on your own, perhaps you feel lonely because no one quite understands your situation or how you are feeling about something or perhaps life’s circumstances have created a situation in which you are lonelier than you would like.

To try and help with loneliness you could try to take small manageable steps towards a goal or try something new. This can feel huge at the time so don’t put undue pressure on yourself, try and set small goals that you can easily achieve. Perhaps joining a class, going for a walk, going to the cinema or to a cafe. Then once you have achieved your goal perhaps set a new one and one goal at a time move along the pathway, building and creating the life you desire for yourself and hopefully moving away from feelings of loneliness with every step.

It’s important to try and talk about your feelings, this could be to a friend, family member, a health professional, counsellor or a peer support group. Taking the initial steps can be hard but hopefully there is a lot to be gained by opening up and sharing your feelings.

Some days are harder than others so try not to be hard on yourself, meet yourself with kindness and compassion, it takes strength and courage to take steps forward, keep the steps manageable and reach out for help when needed.

My yoga practice has always been a rock in my life and setting goals and spending time on my mat helps me to work through lives harder moments and also to enjoy and create amazing moments. My yoga practice also has the power to change my perspective, boost my mood or to help me relax, there are so many amazing tools that a regular yoga practice offers that can then be taken out into life. Practicing yoga, meditation, pranayama and spending time in nature also helps to reminds me that I am part of something more, of all the beauty in the world. I find that there is something really special about being out in nature and exploring new places, all the beauty that was here long before I was and will be here long after I am gone. It helps me to appreciate the now, the present moment and feel truly grateful to be here.

We all have different experiences and circumstances in life and different paths to walk and we can only do our best, remember that you are doing amazing and that you are uniquely you.

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Much Love,

Laura x

Yoga for Mental Health Yoga Alliance Professionals Accredited Yoga Teacher

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