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Releasing 2021 and embracing 2022 with the Full Moon on January 17th

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

January 17th 2022 (UK timezone) is the date of both the next full moon and the first full moon of 2022, known as the Moon after Yule, wolf or fox moon in the Northern hemisphere. This is the month when the wolves or foxes howled and it’s also the first moon after Yuletime. Full moons are powerful times for releasing, letting go and severing the karmic ties which keep us stuck in a loop. This is the perfect opportunity to let go of anything from 2021 or indeed from before that is holding us back. The start of a new year is the ideal time to wipe the slate clean and release burdens from the past.

2021 was a difficult year for many of us and situations may have left us feeling frustrated, traumatised or upset. Is there anything that springs to mind as you read this? If so that is exactly what you should write down. Under the heading ‘What I am releasing under this Full Moon‘ write it down on a piece of paper and continue to make a list of anything that you wish to release. Carrying around negativity, anger or upset does not serve any of us well and it only affects us and our perspective of the world we live in, by releasing it to the universe we release ourselves from it‘s weight. It might take more than one full moon to fully release and forgive, as its not a magic wand, but you can write it on your list again at the next full moon if need be, there is a full moon every 28 (approximately) days after all.

Once you have your list written out the next step is to release it to the universe, as safely as possible!! Ideally burning the list, if you have a fireplace or a fire pit then that is ideal, or you could burn your list over the kitchen sink, make sure that however you set your list alight that you do it safely, perhaps with a fire extinguisher at hand just in case! You could also put your list in the bin but it doesn’t have the same sense of ceremony, of energetically releasing and letting go of these things that you have written down.

The Full Moon is also the ideal time to mentally forgive anyone that has upset you in any way, visualise them and forgive them, release any negativity and focus on forgiveness. You may wish to visualise them smiling back at you and floating away from you as you fill the space between you with love, forgiving and letting go.

If you wish to really make a ceremony out of your Full Moon practices you most definitely can. A short outline of a simple ceremony might be;

Creating a sacred space, perhaps some special items around you, maybe light a candle.

Taking some deep cleansing breaths, centre yourself in the present moment.

Writing your list of anything, any situations, feelings, anything you wish to release under the Full Moon.

Practicing forgiveness, forgive anyone and everyone, including yourself.

Safely burning your list, transmuting the energies into love and surrendering them to the universe .

Now that we have released the negative energies, creating space, it is the perfect time to fill that space with gratitude. Practicing gratitude has many benefits (see my recent blog post) and when it comes to working with the energies of the moon it is vital to manifesting our wishes and dreams coming true when the New Moon comes around.

A simple gratitude ceremony might be:

Taking a moment to consider who you are grateful for, any situations that you are grateful for, anything in your life that you are grateful for.

Really feel gratitude in your body and soul, take a moment or 5 to really experience the feeling of gratitude.

Write down at least three people, places or situations that you are grateful for.

Focus on really feeling grateful and burn this list too. The full moon is all about letting go and surrendering.

You may wish to say to yourself ‘I am blessed’

The Full Moon on January 17th (UK) is in Cancer so this has the power to be an especially healing full moon, the perfect time to release anything no longer needed and surrender. Why not join me online for a full moon yoga class on Monday the 17th January at 1900. The focus will be on surrendering and letting go. more info

Laura Thomas

Mythology and Moonology Yoga Teacher

Yoga Alliance Professionals

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