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The power of being out in Nature

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

It might be the lovely feeling of the sun on your skin or fresh snow crunching underfoot or it might be ending up caught out in the pouring rain (which can happen very easily in Scotland!) but being out in nature can have many benefits both for mind and body.

Getting oudoors has the potential to improve mood and reduce feelings of stress or anger. Taking time out for yourself on a regular basis and getting outdoors, perhaps for a walk, yoga, running, cycling or horse riding or indeed a mix of them all! However you choose to get outside there are a host of benefits to be had, just taking that step to prioritise yourself and take the time out for self care can help you feel more relaxed. The increased physical activity of your chosen activities boosts health and well-being and over time improves fitness. Remember to build up gradually and be kind to yourself, make it work for you and your life. Getting outside can also help reduce feelings of loneliness and take us out of our own heads, bringing our focus and awareness to something else, perhaps birds singing or dogs playing or the stunning view of the hills in the distance.

If you choose to join a group or meet up with others there is also the social aspect for improving mood and creating that sense of community in your life. I offer mindfulness walks and outdoor adventures (life is an adventure after all!) and also there is the opportunity to practice yoga outdoors. To quote Alfred Wainwright - ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.’ So time to start exploring how being out in nature can start to offer improvements in your life!


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