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You’ve got this! Creating change, a commitment to you and believing you can!

I’m a strong believer in creating change in your own life, other people can help and assist but at the end of the day only you can take the steps.

It’s definitely more manageable to take small steps towards a goal, and then by the time you achieve it you may have an even bigger goal in mind!

This is why I believe that working with the cycles of the moon can be so hugely beneficial, evaluating, planning, releasing what you no longer need, practicing forgiveness, helping you to move forward and create the life you see for yourself in your minds eye.

I’m not saying it will be easy, in fact in my experience the biggest changes come out of the darkest times.

A committed yoga practice can bring with it a sense of familiarity and refuge when times are tough, just roll out your mat (or step on it if like me it’s permanently rolled out! #readyforyogaanytime ) and no judgement, no overthinking, just breath and movement, moving the body, focusing on the breath, shifting your perspective.

You’ve got this!!


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