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Laura Thomas

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Meet Laura Thomas

Since 2006 my yoga practice has been very much part of my life and has been with me through both amazingly good times and darker more challenging times.  I believe the lessons we learn and the energy we create on our mats can very much be taken off the mat and into our lives. 
There are so many different aspects of a yoga practice to explore including breathwork (pranayama), yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and asanas (postures), these all have numerous benefits for both body and mind.  Asana practice increases strength, flexibility and wellbeing, pranayama focuses the mind, can be used to promote relaxation or create heat and uplifting energy, yoga nidra allows us space for deep rest and nourishment, it can help to improve sleep and be deeply relaxing.  These are only a few of the many benefits.
I love the way that through yoga practice you can work with different energies, perhaps creating uplifting and energising post practice vibes or deeply nourished and relaxed vibes. 
After practicing power yoga and astanga for years I decided in 2010/2011 to do my Power Yoga 200hour Yoga Teacher Training accredited by Yoga Alliance Professionals.  Then in 2020 (pre lockdowns) I decided to do my 300hour YAP accredited Yoga Teacher Training with LKY Yoga School, it certainly wasn’t the year any of us planned but with all the uncertainty in the world studying, practicing and teaching yoga has really been a positive life changing experience for me during these times.  As part of the 300hours I studied and gained qualifications in teaching yin yoga, pregnancy yoga, mythology and moonology, yoga for mental health, yoga and Ayurveda and my 100hours advanced training.
Every student is important to me and we are all at different stages on our journeys, both in yoga and in life.  To me yoga is for everyone and it has the power to make such a difference, working intuitively with our bodies and minds.  
Yoga can also be practiced to help release out tight muscles and create space in the body. Whatever your interest in creating or developing your yoga practice please get in touch to practice with me.

Enhance Your Life with Yoga

Let Yoga Inspire

I’m so glad you’re here! I’ve been a passionate Yogi for years, and I look forward to sharing with you the insights I’ve learned along the way.  I am based in Aberdeen, UK please get in touch to discuss how yoga can enhance your life and book in to a 1:1, group or class. Namaste

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Erin B.

I would highly recommend yoga classes with Laura, her love and enthusiasm for yoga really shines through her practice. I am a complete beginner but Laura tailors her classes to allow all levels to feel comfortable and enjoy the class. It’s a brilliant work out for both mind and body and I always come away from her sessions feeling like I’ve hit a re-set button.



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