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Full Moon in Aquarius

This full moon in Aquarius occurs 12th August at 0235 London / UK time.

As with all full moons it’s a time to release and let go but the alignment of the planets at this full moon means if there is something or someone that you need or want to quit or cut ties with then this is the ideal full moon to do it as there will be less emotion and more logic.

Making this the ideal time to reflect on if there is anything in your life that you are holding onto that’s not benefiting you or is in fact detrimental to you. Sometimes we hold onto toxic patterns or relationships as they are familiar and it can be scary moving forward and letting go but if you want to change your life or move forward in some way then sometimes we have to take the scary steps into the unknown, let go and be true to ourselves.

It can be difficult, our hearts and heads can say and feel different things but somewhere deep down we instinctively know. Practice yoga, meditation, sit quietly and listen to this inner knowing, your own inner teacher and allow this knowing you to guide you on the path of letting go of what you no longer need and what is no longer serving your highest good.

It’s never to late to start working with the energy of the moon and the lunar cycle, allowing it to weave its magic in your life.


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