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Sirsasana / Headstand - The King of Asana - tips for progressing your practice

Sirsasana / Headstand has many benefits - some of which are:

Strengthens the whole body

Builds core strength

Calms the mind

Increases confidence

Boosts energy

Improves circulation

Sirsasana took me a long time to feel confident in! But now I love it!

This is how I progressed my headstand practice and perhaps some of these may resonate with you and you may wish to add them to your practice:

Set up the foundation- avoid placing weight on your head and neck, allow your arms and shoulders to hold you up.

Build up to the tuck, one leg then the other. Improving strength and confidence with every practice.

Work on the tuck, hold the tuck, feel comfortable there. Then work on straightening the legs.

Once you have gained confidence in sirsasana move to entering into the headstand with straight legs.

Working on the transition to half headstand / ardha sirsasana for 5 breaths then back to sirsasana helps build strength and control of both body and mind. It’s a transition practiced the end of the ashtanga yoga practice and close to my heart. (Although sometimes accompanied with the intense desire to move into balasana / child’s pose…)

Fun variations and ways to work with headstand-

Practice with a wall behind you or a sofa for a sense of security

Doorways can be useful too - walk the feet up the opposite side of the door frame.

Avoid kicking up to headstand- work on control.

Play with variations, padma (lotus) legs, garundasana (eagle) legs

Sometimes I’ll hold headstand for 100breaths, maybe something to build up to or try.

As always look after you, listen to your body, practice mindfully.

Let me know how you get on if you try any of these tips for how to progress your headstand practice.

Laura x

All practices are entirely at your own risk


Mar 04, 2022

Love this, thank you! Xx

Replying to

❤️ Thank-you, happy headstanding! Xx

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