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31 ways to enhance your life with yoga and related practices - don’t forget to get your free access

I really do love yoga and all the benefits a regular practice brings. The tools and techniques it can offer us to take off the mat. The feeling that you can create with a yoga practice, blissed out and relaxed or energised and revitalised.

When I started practicing (15 or so years ago now) it was for headaches that I kept getting. Work was busy, I was staring at a computer screen all day and when I wasn’t I was rushing around here there and everywhere! Sound familiar? So I took up yoga.

There are so many practices in yoga that can help to create positive change in your life.

That’s what I felt moved to create this offering of ‘31 ways to Enhance your life with yoga and related practices’. Ideas, suggestions and practices for the month ahead. Sign up to get your access to the 31 day guide, including meditations, pranayama and a led relaxation.

Some of the ideas, practices and suggestions may resonate with you and you’ll feel moved to add them to your life and some you may not feel interested in at this time which is perfectly ok. As always listen to your inner wisdom and intuition, do what works for you.

At the end of the day we are the only ones that can reshape our perspectives, shift our mindset to a more positive one and manifest the life we desire with commitment, sometimes courage, definitely laughter and embracing moments of joy. If you do give it a go I would love to know how you got on, get in touch, send me a message, book a consultation or a class. How can yoga Enhance your life?

With Love,

Laura x


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