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Working with the energy of the Moon in May

Updated: May 13, 2022

Hello there lovely! I hope you are having a lovely May so far, I just wanted to share with you some of the energies of the cosmos that are affecting us all in May and where to think about putting in the work to work with the magic of the moon and create positive change in your life this month.

We have a full moon eclipse in Scorpio on the 16th May 05:14 UK time and it is an ideal time to let go of any upset, fear, anything or anyone holding you back. Ask yourself is there something or someone that deep down you know you need to release or work on not being so attached to? Sometimes attachments can form without us really being aware of it but upon reflection perhaps these attachments don’t serve us well moving forward in our lives. Or perhaps there is a fear that you have that deep down know you need to look at and address. Sometimes our fears can be related to our limiting beliefs, we are in fact holding ourselves back as limiting beliefs are just that, beliefs. ask yourself is your limiting believe true or is it something you tell yourself or have been told so long that you accept it as truth? Something to ponder at this full moon.

Full moons are alway a good time to let go of what is no longer serving us and practice forgiveness but with this being a Full Moon Eclipse in Scorpio it’s an ideal time. Scorpio can be a sign prone to holding onto resentment or past hurts and now is the ideal time to let them go. After all how does holding on to past hurts or any recent upsets benefit you? Perhaps now is the time to release them.

This month the new moon is in Gemini on 30th May at 1230 UK time and it brings with it second chances and opportunities to improve on communication. As this new moon takes place when Geminis planet Mercury is retrograde it also provides an opportunity to perhaps look at or try again with any difficult conversations or any communication where the outcome you desired wasn’t achieved. The retrograde began on May 10th and ends a few days after the new moon, any resolutions or new understandings reached during this time could have a big effect going forward.

Gemini is all about communication, wether that be verbal, writing, reading, listening, including how you communicate with yourself. Do you talk yourself down? Do you struggle to believe in yourself? This an ideal time to work with positive affirmations and to work on changing any negative self talk into positive. How we communicate with ourselves can have a big impact on how we interact with and are seen by the world. There are some powerful energies happening in May and potential for unlocking massive growth and positive change in your life.

If you wish to join me for the Full Moon practice click here to book or find out more and click here to find out more about the New Moon practice. Use the code ‘Moon10’ to book with 10%off this weekend (until Sunday 15th May). I am a qualified mythology and moonology yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance Professionals and I‘m currently studying to be a Moonologist with Yasmin Boland. If you want to know more about working with the moon or where the signs are in your chart then do get in touch :)

Much Love



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