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New Moon in Aquarius

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Aquarian energy is a little bit wild and wacky and all about being true to your authentic self. So when you are setting your intentions for the coming month and making your new moon wishes don’t be afraid to be bold and brave. Listen to your hearts true desires and set the wheels in motion to make that happen. The energy this New Moon brings is all about being creative, inventive, a little different and caring less about society norms (within reason :)) The New Moon in Aquarius is also a great time to be charitable, how can you help others, perhaps with your time or with a donation of goods or money to a charity. The more generosity that you put out into the universe the more generous the universe will be in return.

Depending on your natal chart the New Moon will be in a different house for each of us dependant on our rising/ascendant sign. This can help guide us through the month ahead, what will come up for us and where we should focus our energy.

The New Moon in Aquarius is in the following houses for each sign:

Aries - 11th House (Friends, hopes, dreams, your network)

Taurus - 10th House (Career, reputation)

Gemini - 9th House (The big picture, travel, personal development, adventures)

Cancer - 8th House (Shared Finances, Sex)

Leo - 7th House (Love, marriage, relationships, business partnerships, friends)

Virgo - 6th House (Health, daily work, daily routines)

Libra - 5th House (Fun, kids, creativity, romance)

Scorpio - 4th House (Home and Family)

Sagittarius - 3rd House (Communications, listening, talking)

Capricorn - 2nd House (Cash, Property, Values)

Aquarius - 1st House (Image, Appearance, How you come across to the world)

Pisces - 12th House (Secrets, your inner self)

(A great place to find out your rising sign and natal chart is from Yasmin Boland, click here.

There is still time to join me for tonight’s New Moon Class or sign up for one of the upcoming New or Full Moon practices.

Laura xx

Mythology and Moonology Yoga Alliance Professionals Teacher

(Also currently studying with Yasmin Boland to become a Moonologist)

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